Farewell 8th Grade

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This year was very exciting for me. Especially when I met some new friends who made a very good impact on me and when I fixed a few rocky friendships throughout the year. It may have taken forever, but it was very worth it in the end. Even though I had a pretty good year, I had some difficult times throughout the year. Other than that, I finished off my last year of middle school with good grades and managed to accomplish my goals this year!

One goal I wanted to accomplish was to be able to ask more questions throughout the year, that was before I ended up gaining a lot of confidence in anything I do. I used to be a very socially awkward person and I specifically hated asking questions, although it is a teacher’s job to answer any question a student has, I didn’t want to be a burden. Overcoming this goal of asking questions, I asked a lot more questions than I originally intended, but it was really worth it since I got out of my comfort zone and actually asked instead of staying stuck on a question. Now instead of being stuck on a question, I can just raise my hand and ask for some help.

Another one of the goals I had was to be able to answer more questions. Going along with my last goal, I was socially awkward and hated doing a lot of stuff that involved me talking in front of the entire class, just being afraid of stumbling over my words was the main reason. Anyway, throughout the year, more towards the beginning, I started answering questions. That meant talking in front of the class, but I eventually got over it and answered a lot of questions. With having this goal accomplished, I can see myself answering many more questions in the future.

My last goal of this year, was to get good grades. I managed to succeed in this goal like my other ones, I had good grades last year but I wanted to see if I could get better grades this year. I managed to get good grades by just focusing really hard and paying a lot of attention in the classes I didn’t do well in last year, I can’t say I studied to get good grades because I didn’t, which is bad but I still managed to pass, right? Although I didn’t study this year and still ended up getting good grades, I see myself studying a lot in high school so I can get good grades, which means I’m going to study for the very important tests in the future.

Now that I have my goals out of the way, I’d like to give some advice to the new 8th graders next year. A piece of advice I have is to believe in yourself, even if you think you won’t be able to! There are many things that can happen, some may be bad and others can be good, but as long as you believe in yourself, you’ll be just fine. Just have a little belief in yourself.


My Thanksgiving Traditions

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Thanksgiving is the time of the year to have a get together with family members, either their distant and flying in from California or their about an hour away, to all be thankful with you on this nice holiday.

My parents are divorced so each year I have two Thanksgivings, one with my mom and the other with my dad. At both Thanksgivings, they’re completely different but they’re still fun to be at. The traditions may be different but they also seem similar.

This year before Thanksgiving, my mom asked some of our close family members to come and celebrate the holiday with us, as we do every year. When Thanksgiving came around, the house was kind of crowded with family members and we were all having a fun time when being together. Everyone goes into different parts of the house, the ladies, like the moms and grandmas, headed to the kitchen and get started with the food and hang out in there to catch up while also discussing things that happened to them recently. The little kids, like my little cousins and my younger siblings, basically ruled the upstairs of the house due to playing, they take it very seriously too, Cops and Robbers, let me tell you, it’s very chaotic cause things sometimes get out of hand. The dads and grandpas are always doing what dads and grandpas do when catching up, they talked about football, the crazy things their kids have done recently and what’s happening at work. Then there’s the group that hangs out in the bedroom and chooses not to socialize with anybody. That’s where I was most of the time since I find it too crowded and I don’t like big crowds. We all ended up having fun in the end when we all play games and mess around with each other.

At my dad’s, two days before Thanksgiving my dad gets a turkey, along with other foods, like he does every year, and makes it so the day of Thanksgiving, he can just warm the food up and makes it easier. He says it’s a good way to plan ahead on things so he doesn’t take that much time out of playing games with my sister and I. Usually my dad doesn’t invite anybody since he wants it to be just us or we don’t go anywhere since he wants to stay home, but this year we went over to my grandparents house and seen a whole bunch of my family we haven’t seen in what seemed like forever. Now, sort of similar to my mom’s Thanksgiving, everybody goes into groups. Like before, moms and grandmas go and start food in the kitchen while catching up as they do so, the dads and grandpas go outside and talk about the family business my grandpa has, and my cousins go and play with my sister outside. I just stayed with my dad, knowing I’d get asked the questions I get asked every year “how’s school going?” or “what have you been doing ?”, I answer them but I’ll be quiet most of the time, until it comes time to eat.

When everybody’s eating and catching up, I was with my cousins Sam and Justin. We caught up and it was great, after that everybody go to together and did what we’d always do when if we went to my grandparents, we all went down a slip and slide covered in soap. We would always do it as our tradition, no matter if it was cold or not, even if it was raining.

After all the fun we had, I helped clean up the house and help out in the kitchen. Before everybody leaves, we all take a big family picture, like they do every year, it’s always grandma’s request so we all take the picture and look back at all the memories.

As you know I do many things on for Thanksgiving such as go to both my parent events. Thanksgiving in my opinion is very exhausting. While I enjoy the company of my large family I’d rather just chill at home and watch movies and eat something other than your regular Thanksgiving foods.

What’s your favorite holiday? Do you like Thanksgiving? What are some of your favorite things to do on Thanksgiving? Leave me a comment down below telling me what you think about Thanksgiving!






Red Ribbon Week

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Have you ever participated in Red Ribbon Week? What’s your favorite thing you did during the week, mine would’ve been twin day.

Hopefully we all know what Red Ribbon Week is, for those who don’t know what it is, it’s a national week recognition for drugs. You have an option to participate doing all sorts of things during the week, all the different things you did had a type of outlook on drugs like costumes scared them away for example, that way we don’t do drugs because of what they do to people.

The things we did were wearing red, twinning with a friend, crazy sock day, wear your favorite team’s jersey and costume day.

Monday was where you wore red. Most students and staff members wear red as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the impact drugs may have on people and to have a positive outlook without abusing drugs in the future.

Tuesday was Twin Day, you and a friend or friends would twin up to double up against drugs with matching outfits. Figuring that’s exactly why they called it twins day.

Wednesday was crazy sock day so you can sock up drugs, see what I did there? It wasn’t a good pun but it’s a pun. Anyways, wearing crazy socks is probably most students favorite since they can wear those crazy looking socks they got for Christmas last year and can show them to everyone, make sure to thank mom and dad for those socks that came in handy when you thought they wouldn’t.

Thursday was wear your favorite team’s jersey to team up against drugs with different sport teams. A lot of students wore their favorite jerseys that day, some had many different teams but most had the same favorite teams. There was arguments about which team is better but they were only for fun and nobody took them seriously.

Friday was Costume Day, one of my favorites. Costume day was to scare away drugs, so most kids didn’t dress up but for those who did, let me tell you there were so many kids who wore onesies that were cool. Some dressed up as video game characters, some were football players and then there were also Winnie the Pooh related onesies. I wore one too.

The Friday before the week started my school had a guest speaker who had experience with drugs, Marcus McFolling. Marcus told us his history with drugs and how they impacted his life but he managed to change his ways and now influences kids across the world to not do drugs in the future. Marcus wanted to go be a football player for NFL but drugs got in the way of his opportunity and how his wife left him and wouldn’t come back until he changed his ways, luckily he did and nobody gave up on him.

I hope this influences you to not do drugs in the future.

The Friendzone

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We’ve all probably been here before, the infamous friendzone. If you have never been here, than congratulations, you lucky duck. You have yet to be in the friendzone and join the club.

Even though we all know what the friendzone is, here’s a more descriptive way of explaining it, “a situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.” Yup, if you manage to find yourself in this situation at any point in time, you, my friendliest friend, have messed up.

I’m not saying it isn’t hard to get out of the friendzone, it’s more a rare occasion you don’t get very often. In my personal opinion there isn’t any point of getting out of the friend zone, it’s a waste of time trying to get your crush to like you back. You’ve got to move on and just be glad you have them as one of your friends, you can’t force or persuade someone into liking you, if they do end up liking you then give it time, don’t rush it or you might ruin some chance you could’ve had. These things take time, it’s not something to rush.

There are a few good benefits about being in the friend zone. Not only can you go out and talk to other people and start to like them as you get to know them, hopefully not going to end up in the sad friend zone again. You can also take the time and focus on yourself, go hang out with friends and go do some fun things with them instead of being cooped up inside your house, crying and eating ice-cream because you think your crush will never like you. Although your friends know what you’re going through, unless you tell them or not, you’re getting your friend zone problem off your mind.

After all, according to Google, more men are considered to fall into the friend zone. For this reason, men are only considered to fall into the friend zone because they come out too strong or they try to hard to get close to the female or other person in the relationship. Now, this could go the other way too. A girl comes out to strong and tries to get to close to the person they’re crushing on.

Above all, the friend zone isn’t all to fun to be in. You hopefully will never be in this situation.

Have you ever been in the dreaded friend zone?


Stranded on a Island

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I’m on a cruise ship, it’s my summer vacation so my family decided that we should go on a vacation. I walked out  onto the front deck and just stare at the beauty of the water, my hair is slowly blowing in the wind and I see an island in the distance, me being curious, I leaned forward and I don’t notice that I’m leaning forward until I hit the cold water below me, I tried to call for help but I hit the water too quickly. When I go underneath the water, another splash is heard form beside me. That’s the last thing I hear before darkness consumed my vision.

I immediately jolt up, my eyes still closed not wanting to open them, hoping that me falling overboard was really only a crazy dream I had, I opened my eyes and with reality smacking me in the face, all around me were trees. I stood up and went to walk around but I was stopped by a familiar voice, “Oh good, you’re up. I managed to swim us both to the nearest island. Help should be on the way hopefully.” It was my older sister, Leighanna. I looked at her, “What do you mean hopefully? I’m suppose to be enjoying my summer vacation but instead I’m spending it on an island and I’m hating it.”I replied. Looking around us both, there was a campfire going, a small “hut” and coconuts. “How long have I been asleep?” I asked turning to my only companion on the island. She looked away from the fire and up at me, “Eh, probably about an hour or two. Anyways, this fire is kind of giving off a smoke signal, so someone should be able to see it and tell the captain of the cruise to get us or send someone our way.” I followed the smoke of the fire and you could barley see it, “For one, congrats for making a fire and two, you need more sticks. Its got to be bigger so you can actually see the smoke.” I told her while picking up some sticks that laid on the beach side. Leighanna got up and started helping me.

After awhile of making the fire bigger, it started to get dark. The way the sun was setting was quickly, by the time the fire actually got bigger and you can see the smoke, it’d be to dark. “We’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.” Leigh admitted. We headed into the little makeshift hut and tried to sleep. The thought of not being able to get found fast was all I could think of, “What if they don’t find us fast enough?” I asked. I heard my sister sigh, “They’ll find us, Shortie. Think positive.” I rolled my eyes at my childhood nickname, “Okay.”

In the morning, we still gathered sticks to make the fire big enough to send off a smoke signal. Soon, we got the fire big enough to make a smoke signal, now all we had to do was wait.

Vision Board

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This is my Vision Board, it shows all the different things I want to accomplish this year or in the future. I hope I can accomplish all the short term and long term goals sometime in the future.

I want to write a story, I have a very creative imagination since I always think of little stories and write them down and I could use them in the future. I have this notebook I write stuff down in and their ideas of things I could write about and to make a story in the future would be amazing.

I want to improve the way I draw. I mean I’m good at drawing but I want to be able to make very detailed drawings, like realism. I want to be able to draw things very realistic like buildings, backgrounds and people, the way I draw doesn’t look so realistic and turns out looking like an animated drawing. I also would want to improve so I can buy my own art shop.

Going along the line of creativity, I want to buy a camera. I take good pictures, that being as good as they can get with phone quality, I just want an actual camera to be able to take even better pictures of things I can’t make look good on my phone. So, I want to get a camera and hopefully when I go to college I can get into photography to improve my photography skills and one day open a photography store.

I want to finish a book series, not any specific kind of series but an interesting series I can get hooked into. There’s a lot of book series I have in mind to read but anytime I have free time, instead of reading I go and do something else like hang out with friends or watching Supernatural on Netflix. Anyways, I want to be able to start a series and be able to talk about it and recommend the series I’ve read to people.

The next thing I want to be able to do, and already am, is keep getting good grades. I want to be able to always get honour roll, and if I have honour roll I can hopefully get into a good college or university. With good grades on your record thing, you’ll be able to get into college. I do have a college in mind and I really hope I keep my good grades so I can get into the college I dream of going to and hopefully either go into college for art and maybe open up my own art shop or go for photography so I can maybe someday get my own photography shop that I dream of opening.


Poor Unfortunate Souls

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Have you watched the Little Mermaid growing up? You know, the movie about the mermaid named Ariel who falls in love with a human prince? Yeah, that’s the one! Today I’m going to be telling you about the main character, Ursula. Yes, Ursula as in the Little Mermaid’s villain.

The book I am reading is called “Poor Unfortunate Souls” by Serena Valentino. It’s a great book since it’ll pull you in with interest to know more about the Little Mermaid’s villain.

Ursula’s personality is kind of complicated but to where it actually makes sense when you read about where she came from and how she was treated in the past, making her the way she is. Anyways, Ursula is cold-hearted like most villains that are trying to seek out revenge from being hurt in the past. She went to the village she grew up in and destroyed it and terrorized the people, she used methods that could be seen as cold-hearted.

She’s also emotional, if you read or have read the book, Ursula talks about her father, a man who raised her when she washed up on shore as a child, so he raised her and when she explains her childhood, she makes her friends go to tears, tears of sorrow I would hope, and she even gets glossy eyed herself when she talks about her past.

Ursula, now this may come as a surprise coming from a women we thought was a villain from the Ariel’s movie, but she actually can be nice at some points during the book. Her friend’s have a little sister who randomly disappears and they go to Ursula for help and then Ursula says she’ll help them but it comes with a price and I won’t spoil that for you at all. You’re welcome.


The infamous villain from the Little Mermaid is motivated to do what she does, like terrorizing the people when they threw her out of the village calling her monster and making her the way she is, out of revenge. She does this because of how she was treated when she accidently let her non-human side slip out and then after being thrown out of the village she loved and grew up in, she only wants revenge for what they did to her. Now, I wouldn’t full out go a destroy a village, maybe scare them a bit but not destroy anything and try to kill them with a very loud ringing in their ears.


Some events that have changed Ursula would be back when she talked about her dad. She usually puts out a strong, powerful “don’t mess with me” persona, but she lets that all go when talking about her beloved father and her childhood.

The powerful sea witch goes on about how she was taken care as a child by a man that found her and raised her as his own. He was a fisherman, so every morning he’d go out to fish with  Ursula left on shore to wave him off to have a nice fishing trip. But she would always go to a certain cliff and stay there until sunset and tell herself not to jump, she only told herself this because she had these urges to jump, and one day she just jumped. The next thing that she knew, she was being seen by the entire village after washing up on shore looking like a monster in their eyes and she was chased off, only to come back to get revenge.


I haven’t fully finished the book but throughout the story as you learn more, you tend to see how she really is and then you get a whole new perspective on her since as a child you seen her as a villain but now that you know more about her side of things and what she’s been through, you get a new thought about her like “You’re evil but like I fully support you on all the bad things you’re doing and I know you shouldn’t be doing them, but, you have a reason.” You start to feel sympathetic for her and feel bad for everything she’s been through so 

What’s your Favorite Childhood Book?

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When it comes to picking favorite childhood stories, Pinocchio would be my very favorite. When having someone read me the infamous book to bed, it taught me a lot of things about what would happen if I ever lied to my parents. Even if my nose wouldn’t grow when I lied, my ears sure did turn red.

Pinocchio would have to be my favorite because I liked the fact that you could tell he was lying since his nose would grow until he actually told the truth, but as the story continued the puppet was granted a wish to be turned into a real boy due to all the good consequences he had done for everyone. On the other hand, he could’ve also been scared by the fact he would be turned into a donkey and sold to an evil circus like those group of boys, but him doing his good deeds so he could make up for all the lies he told people sounds more believable.

In the future when I’m older and have kids, I’d like to share this story with my kids to show them that you should never lie and always tell the truth because with lying comes with bad consequences and with always telling the truth you’ll get a good consequences that could help you later in life, all because you told the truth.

When I finished reading the original story, I learned alot from the original like how Pinocchio still had consequences for the things he did, for example he ran away as soon as he learned to walk but got caught by police and was insisted to go to school, when he realized that he would get turned into a donkey and sold to an evil circus, he changed his evil ways and was turned into a real boy.

When I read the original story, it didn’t really change my mind about how I looked at the story. Pinocchio did change his ways but what surprised me was that he killed the Jiminy cricket, RIP Jiminy. Also, in the disney version they kept that bad kids get turned into donkeys and get sold to an evil circus, I liked how Disney kept that. (Probably scared kids about if they would get turned into a donkey and sold to a circus if they were bad).

When you think about the comparison between the original version of the story and the Disney version, they’re similar but also different. The similar things was like how Pinocchio was turned into a real boy and he learned not to lie anymore and the difference would be how he was like he ran away the second he learned to walk, like “Oh I can walk now, I’m just going to run away and hopefully never come back, bye.” and out the door he went, only to result into getting caught by the cops and being returned home. Didn’t work so well now did it?

If you want to teach your kids not to lie, tell them their nose will grow if they do, just like Pinocchio.

Preparing for 8th grade!

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  Are you unorganized? Here’s some help for you!

Sometimes students tend to have hard times when it comes to getting organized, they tend to lose stuff or things randomly appear in different folders when you least expect it.

When shopping for school supplies I would suggest you get colored coordinated folders, it helps alot with the organization for different classes and things will be easy to find. Now, on your supply list that you are given, it will tell you that you need colored folders for classes. I advise you not to get that cool multi-color folder with peace signs and words like “Cool” or the folder with cute dogs on it. You may say this is uncool and boring but actually go with the colored folders, it will help. Let’s say that you got the puppy folders or the “coolest folder you’ve ever seen” and you make that your math folder. You put your unfinished math homework in there and later when you go home to do it, you can’t find it in any of your homework. The next day you tell your teacher you don’t have it, now you go to make up for it during lunch. If you get the colored folders, it won’t be that hard to find any of your homework since you have the colored folders to help with the organizing part and boom you can find your math homework in your blue math folder, hurray!

When getting your other supplies, make sure you buy an extra of certain things you tend to run out of like pencils, paper and maybe extra erasers. I am telling you this that way you don’t end up with having to buy more supplies halfway through the year like I did, I’m saving you from this happening to you! When it comes to the extras, keep them in your locker, this way they are there and you can go get them at any time. Also, make sure you have something to keep all your things in like a trapper or a binder. All your things will be together and you’ll have easy access to all your belongings, I found it helpful to have a trapper because when you drop your stuff all your belongings won’t fall out and you’ll be okay to just walk to class without worrying that you’re going to be late because you dropped your stuff.

Onto organizing papers, the best way to organize papers is to sort them out when folders get to full. Throughout the weeks of being in school, you’re going to be getting homework, making or being given notes to study and unwanted papers that will take up space in your folders. When you realize that you don’t have much space in your folders, you’re going to want to clean them out. Here’s some advice from me to you: when cleaning out your folders of all the unwanted things inside them, put them into different piles. One pile is going to be your homework, put the homework pile on top of their correct folder, another pile will be notes and another will be your unwanted paper or trash pile, be careful you don’t mix up these piles that way you don’t accidently throw away your notes or you might throw away the homework you spent so much time on.

I hope this helped you how to organize for your upcoming school year! Feel free to leave a comment about how this helped you to be organized or ready for 8th grade!


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